Two Dark Souls Sets from Steamforged Game


Even with the new news from Elden Ring, Steamforged Games does not want its fans to think that they have forgotten their roots. Steamforged Games has recently announced that it will release TWO new Dark Souls core sets on November 8, 2022. Wait, two new basic sets? Yes… TWO! OK, no more caps. Apologize….

Tomb of the Giants, directed by Gravelord Nito, and Painted World of Ariamas with Priscilla Cruzada are currently available for pre-order for $ 110 each.

Both sets contain 18 unpainted miniatures:

1 big boss
1 mini-chef
13 enemies
3 character
They also contain everything you need to play Dark Souls (tokens, cards, dice, boards, etc.).).)

But Brian, what if I already have the original Dark Souls game from the Steamforge Kickstarter 2016? Don’t worry, all new content is compatible with your Dark Souls game.

But Brian, I didn’t like Dark Souls. The rules were bad and so was the campaign… lacking. Why should I buy the new basic sets? Don’t worry, Part 2, Steam Forged has revised the rules for these two basic sets. The rules have been adapted, changed and simplified. There is a new event system, changes to the encounter system, as well as new campaign rules. They have designer diaries that discuss this in more detail.

Most importantly, these new rules will also be posted on their website as a free download. This was confirmed in the Dark Soul Kickstarter update #200.

Player who supported the original campaign will not be forced to purchase the base sets to gain access to the new rules; however, the number of new event and campaign systems that require cards in the base vs sets will be allowed by the updated rules.

I am looking forward to the additional design journals until the publication of the basic sets. This is an interesting way for a gambling company to address consumers’ problems with their product.

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