The Top Ten Board Game with Egyptian Theme


1. Archaeology

As the smallest game on the list, Archeology is the fastest and probably one whose implementation of the topic barely reaches the club. Player are archaeologists who trade and steal relics from each other to earn points for the best collection. This game has echoes of Nefertiti (see below), but has a lack of gameplay. This may be a bit lucky, but it also has a collection of outfits and a soft attitude, that perseverance that makes me come back again and again, especially for the family game night.

2. Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

You are literally building an Egyptian temple in this game; there is no superior way to implement this theme. This set shapes the quality and uniqueness of the components, with the obelisks, mosaics and statues enhancing the taste and theme. Cleopatra is a throwback to the time when Days of Wonder was the class of the gaming world in terms of the parts of the game. Fortunately, the glare of the components distracts from the fact that the game, although pleasant for the family table, does not provide the most in-depth gaming experience.

3. Thebes

If readers have the stomach for a lot of randomness that can completely ruin an otherwise perfect strategy, they might be inclined to give Thebes a try. Due to the randomness, it is more suitable as a family game. It promotes preparation over haste, as the player are archaeologists preparing for a unique opportunity to excavate relics at sites of ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Egypt is one of the many cultures presented, but the culture that gave birth to it has enough weight to decorate the title of the box.

4. Egizia

There is no superior expression for the subject in this list than Egizia, which is aimed at completing the construction of the architectural wonders of ancient Egypt. In combination with this topic, there is a unique twist in the placement of workers, workers are put down the Nile. This forces player to conduct a serious peril / reward analysis to determine their optimal action selection. The flood mechanics is another element that adds another layer of strategy to a solid title that offer a lot of gameplay in a short time.

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