The Board Games for Relaxation


His playing group has just completed a long and tense campaign. In each corner of the site there were miniatures that had been meticulously arranged, while another player read the block of text with the flavors in preparation for the next mission. Or maybe your group had just finished a dense two-hour; no minis were found on this board, but there were many tiny wooden cubes, each with a value and a corresponding set of symbols in the rule book to explain them.

City micro-crime

Is it a game or a puzzle? Or maybe it’s an activity, similar to Where’s Waldo Books. Well, it doesn’t matter, because MicroMacro Crime City is the perfect game if you’re not looking for something too heavy. It is a game in which, in principle, an explanation of the rules is not required. Choose a package, read the first card, start playing.

We like to spread the card out on the coffee table, sit down and just get down to business. If you want to know more about this by searching, we search on the map and try to find out the crime. It is absolutely perfect for a non-casual holiday with a warm welcome and a chocolate cake.

A gentle rain

A gentle rain was a surprise that found its way to me. It is a game that you can play alone, a game that you like a little more, and it is simple and easy to learn to play with your own hands or even with your own hands. In many ways, it goes against what most people expect from a game. A small footprint, where the game places tiles and fits, does not require much from you. But the little that is expected of you, can return tenfold in relaxation and rejuvenation. Put on your favorite relaxation playlist and sneakers and get Zen.

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