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His playing group has just completed a long and tense campaign. In every corner of the site, there were miniatures that had been carefully designed, while another player was reading the Flavor text block in preparation for the next mission. Or maybe your group just finished a two-hour dense; no minis were found on this board, but there were a lot of tiny wooden cubes, each with a value and a set of corresponding symbols in the rulebook to explain them.

Micro-macro-crime city

Is it a game or a puzzle? Or maybe it’s an activity, something like Where are Waldo’s books. Well, it doesn’t matter, because Micro Macro Crime City is the perfect game if you’re not looking for something too heavy. It is a game in which the explanation of the rules is basically not necessary. Choose a package, read the first card, start playing. We like to spread the card on the coffee table, sit down and just get down to it. We discuss what we are looking for, search the map and try to find out the crime. It is absolutely perfect for a casual winter evening in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate.

A gentle rain

Selected by Jason: A gentle rain was a surprise that found its way to me. It’s a game that you play alone, one that encourages you to get comfortable and just play without worrying about whether you’re winning or losing. In many ways, it goes against what most people expect from a game. A small box footprint, in which the game is supposed to place and match tiles, does not demand much from you. But the little that is expected of you, you can return ten times more in relaxation and rejuvenation. Put on your favorite relaxation playlist and sneakers and get Zen.

here is a poem by Sara Teasdale, one of my absolute favorites.

Winter Stars
By Sara Teasdale
I went out alone at night;
The young blood that flows beyond the sea
Seemed to have soaked the wings of my mind—
I endured my pain hard.

But when I raised my head
Shaken out of the shadows in the snow,
I saw Orion in the east
It is constantly burning, as it was a long time ago.

From the windows of my father’s house,
Dreaming my dreams on winter nights,
I saw Orion as a child
Above the lights of another city.

Year go by, dreams go by, and youth too,
The heart of the world is breaking under his wars,
Everything has changed, except in the East
The faithful beauty of the stars.

That sums up the feeling I have when I play Stellar. To honor the simple beauty, the insignificance of humanity in the midst of the immensity of heaven. Finding this in board games is rare, and it’s the main reason Stellar stays in my collection.

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