The 10 Board Games Using Licensed


When you listen to intellectual property or IP, games, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is this one of the many mass market soulless masks or are you thinking about some of the Marvel, Harry Potter and Star Wars games?

Marvel Masters

It would have been easy to fill this top 10 with various Marvel games like Marvel United (easy co-op), Crisis Protocol (miniature amateur) and some insurmountable sets (skirmish or duel game, depending on which side of the argument you want to be on). There’s also a quiz for which Marvel game is right for you. Marvel Champions, in this player’s opinion, is the best of these games, both in its ever-increasing expansion and in its ability to let player decide what content they want to receive, since everything is autonomous once you have the central box. The focus of the exchange between heroes and their alter egos is on what makes Marvel character tick. It’s the people behind the mask that we fall in love with as much as the hero himself. This set also provides a theme for each card between the art, theme skills and quotes on many of the cards.

Cthulhu: expired can die

While most of this list is dedicated to things that bring the IP to life, Cthulhu: expired can somehow die the opposite. You probably know that many of the Arkham Files games (Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror the LCG) deviate from the existential horror and hopelessness of HP Lovecraft to become adventure games about actioning monsters and cultists. expired May Die takes this trope and is therefore executed in an even more elevated adventure style. It’s crazy over the wall with an underlying sense of humor as your character get more powerful as they go crazy in this dungeon crawling game. The mix and match between the two big old stages and the six makes for a lot of content in the central box.

Assassin’s Creed: The Brotherhood of Venice

More stealthily than Clash of Civilizations, this game brings Ubisoft’s video game franchise to life with the same mechanics as V-Commandos. You play as a group of assassins in Venice who fulfill objectives in various scenarios called memories. In each game, you sneak around Venice, drive on rooftops and synchronize to see hidden objectives and treasure chests in this extensive miniature game (a spectator version will hit the market).

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