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Origins 2022 is the first big convention I’ve attended since 2019. I’ve had a few minor “snags” here and there, but this is the first major one since then… well, you know. Even though things were a little different both in general and personally (Amide had a smaller presence and my first participation in a demo of a miniature game as examples), it felt good to be back in an environment where everyone runs around excitedly, empties their wallets for new purchases and plays games with friends and strangers.

The 10 best games played in Origins 2022

1. Ghosts of Christmas

Yes, the whole top 3 consists of cheaters. Ghosts of Christmas is similar to Cat in the Box in that it turns the genre upside down. What it does is that they make three jokes to the three spirits of Christmas at the same time, like in the Christmas Carol. If one player plays a card to one of the three ghosts, the other must follow this ghost. But the player can play with whatsoever mind they want, if they can. Why is it important?

Like the jack in the box, red is always the trump suit. So if I play cards where I can no longer follow a certain mind, I can play a trump card to win it. And the three tricks are not solved until all the cards have been played. So, if I get to where I win a stitch that I shouldn’t have, I could make the next stitch in a different color than originally expected. It’s hard to explain, but it works great, to the point where no cheat game really feels that way.

2. Cat in the Box

A second top 3 trick taker, Cat in the Box, is another game I reported on at Deacon last year. I’m really grateful that it has reached a wider audience thanks to Bezier Games, because it’s fantastic. The big problem, except for the cute cats, is the cards. As with many card games, there will be one of each number in four suits, with red being the strongest suit, also known as the trump suit. Notice how I said “it will be”, because with the cat in the box, the cards in his hand are colorless. So, when I play a seven card, I explain what color it is by using a small grid in front of me and marking it with a piece of my color on a board in the middle of the player. When a card is played (the yellow three as an example), this card can no longer be used on the board, which could end the hands prematurely. He does tricks in a clever way that I really appreciate.

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