Ten Most Played Games at Origins


Origins 2022 is the first big convention I have attended since 2019. I’ve had a few minor “cons” here and there, but this is the first major one since… well, you know. Even if things were a little different both in general and personally (Asmodee had a smaller presence and my first participation in a demo of a miniature game as examples), it felt good to be back in an environment where everyone is enthusiastically running around, emptying their wallets for new purchases and playing games with friends and strangers.

The 10 best games played in Origins 2022

1. Mountain goats

The first of four (yes, four) games of BoardGameTables.com Mountain goats is the one that feels the most familiar. As in another game that will appear on this list, you roll four dice and try to get to the top of a row of numbers, here from five to 10. What distinguishes mountain Goats from other dice games is that when they reach the last card on the mountain of a number, they take a point equal to that number. And you don’t leave the summit once you get to the top until someone else meets you, so if you draw that number on your next round and you’re still sitting on top, you take another score card corresponding to the number. I don’t think I’m going to reinvent the wheel, but sometimes an entertaining game doesn’t have to be.

2. Sumokabuto

I can entertain myself a lot with a simple concept. I’ve always had bright eyes for arcade machines that push coins full of tokens, so when I found out that Kabuto Sumo uses this mechanism, I had to try it out. The short answer is that it’s really entertaining. While the game isn’t perfect, it runs a bit long for what it is, Kabuto Sumo is just plain fun. Enter a piece from your inventory in the ring. Claim the pieces that fall from the ring in your inventory. If you run out of parts, you lose. If you press your opponent’s piece, you win. Use special skills when playing the advanced game related to professional wrestling (points from me for that). You will receive a full review in the coming weeks.

3.No I can stop

If you know me, you would be scratching your head why this is not even higher a priori. A few reasons. First of all, I prefer the game with three player, so an educational game with two player was not preferred. But the most important reason that I can’t stop ranking higher is that I play it online all the time. It’s not a big deal to show that someone can not stop, as much as I like it. The tension in our game was still high, but not enough to secure him a top-5 place.

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