Spin Off Fearless Underway from Osprey Game


During a live stream with Osprey Games at Aw-shucks last weekend, game designer Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson teased that they are working on a “great sequel” to their award-winning series of intrepid games. Intrepid: Normandy and its sequel Intrepid: North Africa have already been published with great success. This summer also promises the release of the second expansion of Intrepid, Intrepid: reinforcements. This modular expansion promises to add solo play and 4v4 team play, among other things, to the previous two Intrepid games.

When asked what will come after the reinforcements, they joked that the line was “over”, before quickly saying that this is not true, because “it’s all they’ve been working on for the last year and a half. They went on to say that what’s coming is, “super, super big. It took us a lot of time to work on “and this” is a beast.”

They were not allowed to talk about the topic, but they said that the most requested topics for the next Intrepid game are the Pacific Theater or the Eastern Front (Stalingrad).

They also mentioned that they are still thinking “further ahead” and that the core gameplay loop for this expansion is mostly done. This means that in addition to the release of reinforcements this summer, at least two more intrepid titles are in the works.

If you haven’t tried it yet, Undisturbed: Normandy and North Africa combine deckbuilding with a light action game set in the Second World War. The game takes player on a series of missions inspired by events during the war. Undaunted: North Africa was the sequel to Normandy and added some twists, such as more asymmetrical vehicles and missions. It also won our BGQ Award 2020 for the best two-player board game.

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