Review of Core Set for Lord of Rings Card Game


General description of the game:

Each player takes control of a gang of three heroes who embark on a quest in Middle-earth. Heroes can be a mixture of different spheres of influence, leadership, tradition, spirit and tactics. Each ball specializes in its own style of play and affects the cards that can be played. Leadership is a supporting role that can inspire and command other heroes and is a versatile type of deck. Lore specializes in keeping character alive and drawing cards. Spirit focuses on willpower and helps the character explore locations and progress in the mission. Tactics is a very action-focused deck that is ideal for both strikeing and defending.

The different missions in Middle-Earth determine which cards are included in the encounter deck. Each mission, of course, has different levels of difficulty and goals that must be achieved in order for player to win. Each mission can be played as a standalone experience or as part of your campaign.

In each round, player start by gaining resources and playing ally and asset cards to prepare for their travels and missions. These allies and assets will help player search, action and defend.

Then player will have to decide how many of their character will commit to completing missions. The more heroes are committed to the mission, the faster the challenges will be mastered and each stage of the mission will be completed. The problem is that usually when a character goes on missions, they can exhaust him and make him unable to participate in action.

Enemies and locations in the deployment area can increase the difficulty of completing the main mission, where the heroes will have to defeat them or explore the locations to complete the main mission more easily.

After the heroes find out if they are making progress on the main mission, they can travel to a location in the deployment area to reduce the difficulty of the main mission and explore it to remove it from the actionfield.

After the mission and travel stage, each player’s gang of heroes will have to deal with the action against the enemies they may face. Player can choose how they want to face the enemies in the preparation area, then the enemies will face each other automatically. The action consists of defending and strikeing with non-exhausted heroes After the action there is an upgrade stage and the next round begins. The game continues until the heroes complete the mission or are killed by the shadow forces.

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