G.i. Joe Mission Critical Coming to Renegade Game


This year G.I. Joe celebrates its 40th anniversary. If you are like me, then you probably have a lot of pleasant memories of spending your Saturday morning with this cartoon. Last year I was able to fill myself with a good portion of nostalgia thanks to the great deck building game G. I. Joe. But apparently there is more G.I. Joe goodness from Renegade Games. Unfortunately, it’s not an extension of the deck building game, but it still sounds interesting.

Today they announced the upcoming release of G.I. JOE Mission Critical. This is a cooperative board game for 1-5 player, which lasts about 50-70 minutes. Player take control of their favorite Joe and compete against the Cobra Commander, which is controlled by the game’s AI.

Not many details were given in the over 4-minute video, apart from some map shots and some close-ups of the minis.

But the few details we have are that the minis are 48 m tall and the main game will be released along with the first expansion in October this year. The email announcement also said:

“Stop the cobra in places all over the world and try to defeat the cobra commander himself to save the day! G.I. JOE Mission Critical uses the Guardian system, which provides an exciting, challenging and cooperative gaming experience.”

Some of the character revealed in the first wave are Duke, Snake Eyes, The Baroness, Cobra Commander, Covergirl, Major Blood and Stalker.

Pre-orders will open on the Renegade Games website in April, and everyone who pre-orders will also receive a free Snake Eyes Mini in a retro-style blister pack.

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